General Release 2.4 now available

This release includes the following additions:

  • Fix to search videos method contributed by kmacboston.

Important: Please note that this will likely be the last release from SourceForge. Brightcove is starting a more official Open Source effort, and this project will be moved there shortly. A message will be posted on this page as soon as releases are available there.



Wiki (including sample code)

Important Notes:

Personal apology - there is apparently something amiss with notifications from the SourceForge forums, so I was unaware that bugs and feature requests had been filed. I will try to look through these during the port effort over to the new Brightcove Open Source effort.

Release 2.4 has just been cut, with a fix to the search videos method contributed by kmacboston. This is likely to be the last release from SourceForge, as Brightcove is beginning a more official open source effort. This project will be ported over to that distribution point as soon as we are able, and active development will then resume.

Previous Releases

General Release 2.3 now available

This release includes the following additions:

  • Read API can set an "enableUds" flag, which will return PD URLs in the video objects instead of streaming URLs.

    Note that UDS must be enabled on the account for this to work (Universal Delivery Service can be enabled by Brightcove Support).

General Release 2.2 now available

This release includes the following additions:

  • New SearchVideos method, courtesy of kmacboston.

General Release 2.1 now available

This is an official general release of the changes made in the 2.0-alpha release. Additionally, a few fixes have been added:

  • Fixing issues with Rendition object (new fields added with the 8/15 BC product release).
  • Fixing issues with Video object (legacy geo-filtering atributes handled - Submitted by Stewart Glass).
  • Fixing issues introduced by latest BC product release (Submitted by kmacboston).

Alpha Release 2.0-alpha now available

This release significantly overhauls the exception and retry mechanisms:

  • All calls return only a single exception, which can be broken down into a Wrapper exception, a Media API exception or an unknown exception (likely a Java run-time error).
  • QueryRetry and FailureReason classes removed - it should be much easier now for the caller to determine the cause of any failure and implement a retry strategy on their own.
  • Sample retry logic included in the ReadTests class.

General Release 1.5 now available

Adding SetQueryRetry method to the write api

General Release 1.4

Fixing 2 issues reported by user philosophman:

  • FailureReason is now public scope
  • Calls to in read/write api classes are now guarded in case log object is null.

General Release 1.3

Fixes bug in how JSON is parsed for custom fields.

General Release 1.2

Brightcove Platform Release 4.4 dropped on 2010/02/10. This release added a 'NONE' value for video codec enums, and this bc-j-mapi-w release reflects this change.

General Release 1.1

No code change - jars have been back-compiled so they are compatible with Java 1.5.

General Release 1.0

Marked for General Release after testing with several projects.

Also a QueryRetry object that can automatically retry failed requests based on Exception thrown. This can be subclasses as well to implement different retry logic.

Beta release 0.4-beta

Previous releases were missing the UpdateVideo call from the Write API - this has been remedied.

Also added a "getLastCallTotalCount()" method to the Read API wrapper - this allows you to retrieve the total count of videos/playlists specified by some Read API methods.

Beta release 0.3-beta

This release adds playlist write support. Other than any bug request, documentation and code samples, this represents a fully functioning wrapper.

Beta release 0.2-beta

This release adds initial write support (videos only, playlists to follow), and switches from custom HTTP code to utilize the Apache Commons libraries for communication with the Media API.

Initial beta release 0.1-beta

This release contains only the Read API methods, but is fully functional.